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Tunde Ednut promises Camry giveaway on Birthday



Tunde Ednut promises Camry giveaway on Birthday

Nigerian blogger, comedian, entertainer, and musician Tunde Olaoluwa Adekunle, popularly known as Tunde Ednut, is once again making headlines for his extravagant birthday giveaways.

Renowned as the “King Maker” for his tradition of gifting cars and other valuable items on his birthday, Tunde Ednut has revealed his plans for this year’s celebration.

The social media influencer, born on January 20th, has announced his intention to give away a direct tokunbo 2008 Toyota Camry, a gift he valued at N6,500,000. The entertainer shared that the car was secured for him by celebrity car dealer Esheza Autos.

Known for engaging with musicians, music makers, and personalities on Instagram, Tunde Ednut prefers not to be labeled as a blogger, although his platform serves as a significant hub for content that has contributed to the recognition of various individuals in their respective fields.

In celebration of his birthday this year, Ednut went beyond the customary car giveaway. He generously gifted 200 chickens, 200 bags of rice, and 200 bottles of groundnut oil to his followers and fans.

To make the car giveaway more exciting, the blogger revealed that the process would involve a raffle draw.

The lucky winner, according to his announcement, could be anyone who participates and follows specific instructions.