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TopNaija Stories: Olanrewaju Elufisan, co-founder Ominira TV



TopNaija Stories: Olanrewaju Elufisan, co-founder Ominira TV



Olanrewaju Elufisan, the founder of Ominira TV is an entrepreneur who has chased his dreams through various jobs and platforms with a tenacity that should be envied.

Olanrewaju Elufisan is the co-founded of Ominira Initiative, a branch of which is Ominira TV, a pro-liberty media organization that provides solutions to contemporary African issues while promoting freedom. He graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria in 2012, after which he went on to study Broadcast Journalism at the FRCN Broadcast Academy, Lagos Nigeria in 2014.

Diadem Akhabue sat with Olanrewaju to tell his progress story and the takeaways are a lot.

Current role: Executive Director

Location: Ibadan

Current computer: Dell 6230

Current mobile device: iPhone 6s

What you want to be remembered for: I want to be remembered for bringing solutions to Africa’s developmental issues through the media and as a person who impacted the lives of others for good. 

Tell us how you started out and how you got to where you are today?

After I graduated from University, I took a professional course in broadcast journalism to embark on a career in communications and joined an international student group promoting freedom across the continent. It was this group that made me realize the need for freedom and prosperity in our society.  So later on, I quit my job at a digital agency and ventured into advocacy with Ominira Initiative for Economic Advancement, the parent organization of Ominira TV; a media platform disseminating solutions to contemporary African issues while promoting freedom and prosperity. 

What time do you wake up, and what time do you like to be at your desk?

I am nocturnal, so I sleep late, and wake up at about 6 am. But I like to be at my desk on or before 9 am.

A brief rundown of your daily routine?

Wake up, go to the office, read on my favourite news, personal development, and industry blogs, listen to a podcast, write, surf the internet, get my quiet time. 

How do you keep track of what you have to do, on a daily?

Google calendar and reminders are quite useful, but often, I find myself writing down a to-do list every morning. It works. 

Tell us about one of the toughest situations you’ve found yourself in business?

There’s been a few of them particularly starting up as a nonprofit. But one I can think of right now is having to deal with paying staff when our organization didn’t have the capacity at the time. 

What is the best business or career advice you’ve ever received?

Someone I worked with sometimes ago once told me “The road to success is fraught with hard work, so when you’re starting up, delay gratification and focus on what matters” I still think about it. 

What conventional life or business advice do you disagree with?

I don’t buy the “winners never quit” phrase anymore and my disagreement with it is because sometimes winners quit in order to chart a new course instead of doggedly moving on with something that isn’t working. My point here is that everyone needs to know whether and when to quit if need be. 

TopNaija Stories: Olanrewaju Elufisan, co-founder Ominira TV

If you had to start all over again, what would you do differently?

I’d be consistent and more confident in my abilities, and I will take networking more seriously. 

Tell us about your current role and key traits required to succeed in this role.

As co-founder and director of a nonprofit organization, you need an above-average knowledge of fundraising, be effective in written and oral communication, and be a leader. In my role, I’m saddled with the responsibility of directing the organization affairs, building and maintaining relationships across the board, and formulating strategies for growth. 

Tell us about a task do you dislike but still do and a problem you’re still trying to solve?

I dislike managing social media, but I currently co-manage with a member of my team. I would like to see Nigeria and Africa become a good, prosperous and free society, one that is devoid of corruption and injustice. A society that is prosperous. 

Who has had the greatest impact on your career, and why?

I do not have one person who has had the greatest impact on my career; they’ve  been people whom I read their books, blogs, and some people I know whose lives are just inspiring. However, Brendon Burchard, Edmund Obilo, JJ Omojuwa, Tyler Perry, and Dele Onibalusi have impacted my path in many ways. 

What business achievement are you most proud of?

Right now, what I am most proud of is cofounding the Ominira Initiative, and that’s because it took about three years from being on paper to reality. However, I am focused on what we can achieve this year and in the nearest future. 

Tell us about your greatest weakness as an individual.

I am a procrastinator and I sometimes dislike myself for it. 

Name two untapped lucrative business opportunities in the world, right now.

Are there untapped lucrative business opportunities in the world? I don’t know of any, but we’ve seen what the west is making of cannabis now,  the internet, Artificial Intelligence, and the blockchain industry are also rocking our world with opportunities even as it’s just the tip of the iceberg. However, I think that Africa generally is an untapped place with lots of opportunities. 

Aside from God, what do you consider your greatest success secret?

My belief and drive for excellence. 

TopNaija Stories: Olanrewaju Elufisan, co-founder Ominira TV

What are you currently reading, watching, or listening to?

I just listened to an episode on HBR IdeaCast, and I’m currently rereading “Taming Leviathan: waging the war of ideas around the world.”

What tools, gadgets, or apps can’t you do without?

My PC and mobile phone, music player, earphones, and apps like Scribd, Google, and LinkedIn. 

What’s your favourite social media platform, handle, and why?

I like LinkedIn the most because it is a professional social media platform fraught with networking opportunities. 

How do you unwind?

I like to watch movies, play video games, or hang out with my friends. 

Who would you love to answer these questions?

Moses Adetola, CEO of Big Field Digital. 


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