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Tonto Dikeh reacts over Cubana Chief Priest baby mama saga (Video)



Tonto Dikeh reacts over Cubana Chief Priest baby mama saga (Video)

Tonto Dikeh, a famous Nollywood actress, has given her thoughts on the recent scandal involving socialite Cubana Chief Priest and his alleged baby mother from Kenya that has gone viral.

The supposed relationship between the self-proclaimed celebrity bartender and a Kenyan woman who visited Nigeria last year has been making headlines recently. He was suspected of fathering the baby boy that the Kenyan woman gave birth to.

Tonto Dikeh reacts over Cubana Chief Priest baby mama saga (Video)

After the child’s birth, popular blogger Gist Lover publicly claimed that Chief Priest had fathered a child with the Kenyan woman, and even shared a photo of the infant with his supposed mother.

However, in response to the allegation, Cubana ChiefPriest denied being the child’s father and even offered to take a DNA test to confirm paternity.

Tonto Dikeh reacts over Cubana Chief Priest baby mama saga (Video)

He pledged to reimburse the cost of the test, which is in the thousands of dollars, if he turns out to be the father.

As the controversy over the child’s paternity continues, Gistlovers released a video of the woman sobbing as she narrates how she has been mistreated by her alleged baby daddy, Cubana Chief Priest, since she became pregnant.

Watch video below,

After watching the clip, Tonto Dikeh expressed her disappointment with the way other women were criticizing the lady in the video.

The actress and mother of one then requested the lady’s account details from Gistlovers, promising to provide assistance.

The comments here from fellow women is just despicable‍♀️, it’s hard knowing that the world lacks empathy and Humanity. Half of you have made same mistakes, half were born from same mistakes but you choose to throw stones on a woman already bleeding.

I don’t know the story nor care to be involved but I know I also don’t have to have an opinion about everything or anyone’s life.. Karma is slow but it works, don’t ask yourself “why you”when your turn comes.. everyone is always wiser when it’s not their story. Since everything is cruise well we can wait to help you cruise when your turn comes‍♀️

To the mother and baby, I wish you both the very best. May you find strength to love and take care of yourself and baby, I’ll communicate with GLB to see how I can help. @gistloversgram_media Oba if I can have her account details I can help the best I can.
God bless you”.

See her post below,

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