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Tinubu’s Emissary: “Real reason I supported Tinubu” — Seyi Law



Tinubu's Emissary: "Real reason I supported Tinubu" -- Seyi Law

Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law doubles down on his support for the Bola Tinubu administration amidst his infamous status on social media following the terrible conditions of the Nigerian economy and standard of living under an administration he campaigned for.

In a post released on his social media account, the comedian has revealed he is in current dialogue with government officials in Abuja, with aims at addressing the pressing issues affecting Nigerians.

In his open letter to Nigerians, Seyi Law, continues to maintain optimism in effecting positive change through dialogue and collaboration with the government.

Highlighting his support for former Lagos State governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, during the elections, Law re-emphasized his belief in Tinubu’s ability to steer the nation towards a brighter future.

Acknowledging the prevalent hardships faced by many Nigerians, Seyi Law assured the public of his commitment to championing measures aimed at reducing the cost of governance, increasing the minimum wage, and improving food affordability.

“I supported ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU, not against you, but for YOU,” Seyi Law asserted, underlining his dedication to advocating for policies that benefit the populace.

Seyi Law ever since making public his support for the president, has seen a lot of Nigerians on social media turn on him.

Recently, Nigerian artiste, Eedris Abdulkareem came on air to disclose Law’s disillusionment with the administration, alleging that the comedian at one point hinted at his regret in supporting the current president’s candidacy.

I am currently in Abuja talking with some people in government. The cost of governance will reduce - Seyi Law assures Nigerians