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Sadio Mane


The talked about exit of Senegalese star, Sadio Mane from Liverpool isn’t a rumor or a gossip any longer, but one that could become a reality.

The fuel was flamed earlier in the month and prior to the Champions League final, where Mane granted audience to a reporter who asked about his plans for the future regarding his stay or exit from Liverpool.

The star forward’s reply then, was a cheeky response of ‘let the final pass and we will see’.

And now, the player has granted another audience, this time in a press conference ahead of Senegal’s International games, but his comments are what the Liverpool fans will very much not want to hear.

In the press conference, Mane ever the jovial one when asked a question, replied cheekily to the reporter:

“60%-70% of Senegalese people want me to leave Liverpool?” He asked before promptly adding, “I will do what they want. We will soon see.”

There’s no way getting any more straight forward than that.

Sadio Mane promised a response after the Champions League Final in Paris, this is it.

The Senegal star wants out of the club, and granting a press conference as this, is surely an attempt to force Liverpool’s hands into hastening things.