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“The Internet will explode if I say my mind” — Iyabo Ojo



"The Internet will explode if I say my mind" -- Iyabo Ojo

The ongoing feud between Nollywood actresses Iyabo Ojo and Lizzy Anjorin has taken a potentially explosive turn as Iyabo Ojo hinted at possessing damaging information about her colleague, suggesting that revealing it could lead to significant consequences.

In an Instagram live session with her fans, Iyabo Ojo implied that she refrains from exposing Lizzy Anjorin out of consideration for the potential repercussions on families and the possible internet frenzy that would ensue.

The rift between the two stars has been well-documented, with public spats and accusations exchanged between them on social media platforms.

During the live session, Iyabo Ojo disclosed that she possesses insider knowledge about Lizzy Anjorin, including specific details such as figures, dates, and locations of certain events.

Furthermore, Iyabo Ojo indicated that she had cautioned Lizzy through her husband regarding potential legal action, expressing concerns that Lizzy might exploit mental health issues as a defense.

"The Internet will explode if I say my mind" -- Iyabo Ojo

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“If I come out and tell your story, the internet will crash,” Iyabo Ojo asserted, suggesting the gravity of the information she holds.

“That’s why I can’t come out and tell your story because I think of all the homes that will be broken.”

While maintaining her stance of refraining from divulging the information publicly, Iyabo Ojo emphasized her readiness to present concrete evidence if necessary, highlighting her meticulous documentation of the events.

“That’s why I warned your husband that he should go and treat you because I don’t want when we go to court, you’ll now start claiming you have mental health,” Iyabo Ojo stated, implying her proactive approach to potential legal proceedings.