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Taliban: Top US pastor sends private jet to evacuate christians from Afghanistan



A Texas-based televangelist, Kenneth Copeland has reportedly sent one of his private jets to evacuate Christians from Afghanistan.

This was revealed by popular Abuja pastor, Archbishop John Praise of the Dominion Chapel International Church.

He disclosed the kind gesture by Copeland while preaching on ‘Supernatural Abundance’ during the Holy Ghost Convention 2021.

According to Archbishop John Praise, Copeland rescued the christians to prevent them from being killed by the Taliban.

The population of Christians in Afghanistan is said to be between 8,000 to 12,000, which account for less than one per cent of the 38 million citizens.

John Praise explained that supernatural abundance is a means of “building structures and cities for God”.

Praise said God will not bother to bless a selfish person, adding that the essence of prosperity is to be a blessing to others.

He stressed that Christians were called poor when there was no prosperity message in the church.

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The clergyman said people criticize men of God for buying private jets, but argued that prosperity brings pleasure to God.

“In those days of no prosperity messages, they were calling us as poor as church rat, now we have sent all the rats out. The church is no longer poor.

“The reason for the abundant rain is so you can abound in every good work. God will not bother about a selfish man. He said I will bless you and you shall be a blessing. Ephesians 3:3.

“You know it is not going to be difficult to abound because there is a power that works in you and that is why we call it supernatural abundance. Philippians 4:19.

“They criticise preachers so much for buying planes. Kenneth Copeland sent one of his planes to Afghanistan to move the people fleeing that country just to help in the evacuation. Can a poor preacher do that?

“Supernatural overflow brings pleasure to God. God took delight in Job because he brought glory to Him by operating in supernatural overflow. Psalm 35:27 emphasizes it that your prosperity brings God pleasure.”

Copeland is reported to be worth about $760 million.

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