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Steve Bruce gets juicy compensation after Newcastle United dismissal



Steve Bruce

Quite a revolution is coming to Newcastle United after the Saudi takeover. That’s a huge reason to make 1xBet online sports betting Nigeria on the platform.


However, one of the first “victims” of this true revolution is its former coach Steve Bruce. However, thhe good news is that he hasn’t left the team empty-handed.

Instead, it is reported that he was paid almost 10 million dollars as compensation for leaving the team. This compensation wasn’t paid for no reason. Instead, considering that Newcastle as an institution were the ones cutting the job relationship, they needed to pay all the remaining salaries of the coach. For this reason, 1xBet Nigeria online sports betting platform will continue to be the best site to wager for Newcastle, as it promises tons of new and huge opportunities.

Real Madrid Haaland’s dream seems a bit too far away

There is no mystery that there are many teams behind Norwegian star Erling Haaland. In fact, he is the main reason why so many people visit to make bets for his current team, Borussia Dortmund. Some of the squads who are behind the Norwegian are:

  • Real Madrid;
  • PSG;
  • Manchester City.

However, it seems that the other teams have been able to put more juicy offers over the table than the Spaniards. There is a huge chance that this could leave them out of the race for signing the 22-year-old striker. This might be a powerful reason to convince Haaland to leave Dortmund for squads like Manchester City or PSG. Of course, 1xBet is the top destination for all of those who want to place bets on the best teams in the world, including Real Madrid, Manchester City and others.

The 2 year FIFA World Cup plan might not happen after all

Gianni Infantino as president of FIFA has decided to embark himself on a world tour in order to get support for his revolutionary idea. Those who play on the online casino ng – 1xBet platform and regularly bet over there, have probably seen that Infantino, as well as Arsene Wenger, have been developing a plan to play the FIFA World Cups every 2 years rather than four.

However, for the president of FIFA and the former Arsenal coach it seems that things are not going as smoothly as they wanted. This is because his idea hasn’t been received with the biggest enthusiasm and support by the many confederations around the world. In fact, many players, coaches, teams and managers have publicly declared that they oppose the idea completely. The 1xBet platform ng – online casino and bookmaker is a fantastic place to enjoy the FIFA World Cup, as well as all its qualifiers and other interesting matches.

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