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Singer Shaydee Calls out Fake Friends



Not everyone who comes around you, teeth bared in a smile and arms wide open is your friend. Some of them are just out to use you and do not mean you well. Basically, they don’t add value to your life.

What’s worse, like the proverbial green snake in the green grass, they are hard to spot- until you are in a difficult position and the grass is no longer green.

You have to learn to recognize these “friends” for what they are and cut them off before it’s too late.

Former EME act, Shaydee must have had some experience with these so called friends. He went on snapchat to call out and vent against fake friends who are users in reality.

See his post on Snapchat below.

Musician Shaydee rants about

It’s a good thing he has recognized them. Cut them off from your life man.

What about you? Have you ever had fake friends? Don’t be shy, share your stories in the comments section.

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