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Reno Omokri challenges Tinubu to drug test



Reno Omokri challenges Tinubu to drug test

Reno Omokri challenges Tinubu to drug test

Former Presidential aide, Reno Omokri has placed himself as quite the controversial figure, particularly with his political views and public opinions.

And now, the public personality strikes again, but this time, he has challenged the standing presidential flag bearer of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu to a drug test before the 2023 presidential campaigns go into full swing.

This comes in response to a Bloomberg report alleging the politician of being involved in a drug case, in a series of tweets Omokri made on Wednesday.

Bloomberg had shared an article titled “Graft Allegations Dog Nigeria’s Main Presidential Hopefuls”, centered around Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar and Tinubu.

According to the story, Tinubu, had “fought a lawsuit in which the US accused him of laundering proceeds of heroin trafficking and eventually reached a settlement”.

Reacting to the article, Omokri, who is a known supporter of Atiku, tweeted:

“All Presidential candidates should be made to take drug tests administered by the @NDLEA_Nigeria to determine present and past drug use. We can’t have a KNOWN DRUG LORD as our President. Heroin is more damaging than cocaine. Anybody connected to it belongs in JAIL.

“I challenge @officialABAT, if you were not involved in a heroin drug ring in the United States in 1991-1993, then take me to court. Nigeria cannot have a KNOWN DRUG LORD as her President. God forbid. I also challenge Tinubu to take a drug test with @NDLEA_Nigeria

“We don’t want a Pablo Escobar as our President come 2023. We don’t need a drug cartel boss turning Aso Rock into a drug den. We don’t want to be wondering whether our President has sniffed something before he ludicrously addressing us on taxing Agbado and cassava!

“We must know who, amongst those angling to occupy Aso Rock, has a past history with a drug cartel. Mba, mba, mba! The office of the President of Nigeria is too powerful to be entrusted to a man with known drug connections. Nigeria will not become Colombia. Tufiakwa!”