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The Organ Trafficking Saga: The Whys



The Organ Trafficking Saga: The Whys

The Organ Trafficking Saga: The Whys

It’s no longer an hidden story that ex-Deputy Senate President of Nigeria is in international troubles over allegations of human/organ trafficking in the United Kingdom.

Since the last hours, so many stories have ran the internet space about what the situation really is about and if the story checks out or not.

It’s no hidden secret that had the story taken place in Nigeria, the narratives would very much have been different.

It certainly would have seen it shaped to suit a political agenda or story.

But it’s a much different story when it takes place in another country where our politics does not apply, and as Nigerians would often call it, ‘saner climes’.

The Ekweremadu Organ trafficking story as per the reports, goes like this:

One of the Ekweremadu daughters suffers from a kidney issue that prompted the family to seek out a 15 year homeless child from Lagos.

The arrangement according to the reports states the boy in exchange would have better living conditions.

Illegal documents were falsified for the boy with his age now reading 21 as against 15. This situation now brought the attention of the UK authorities.

The doctors were alarmed of the situation and refused to carry on with the operation as the subject in question is regarded as a minor who could not grant proper consent.

In essence, the case is now a child trafficking case for the purpose of organ harvesting.

According to the reports, the ex-deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu could face life imprisonment in the UK for the crimes accused of.