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Prof Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi Wins Africa Oscar Safety Award For 2022



Prof Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi with the prestigious Africa Oscar Safety award for 2022

Congratulations are in order for foremost Nigerian professor of Safety and Environment, Professor Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi.

The renowned environmentalist, Prof Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi has won the prestigious African Oscar Safety award for 2022 by Afrisafe HSE Nations.

He is the second Nigerian to receive this prestigious award after Engr FEK Nakpodia.

Prof Okeke, Dr Mrs Ngozi Okeke and Ambassador Mrs Monica ” Ubuntu” Nwosu at the Afrisafe HSE Nations award

The event took place at the Lagos Continental Hotel on November 12, 2022.

Prof Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi being interviewed by HSE Nations TV after winning the award

Prof Okeke was accompanied to the occasion by his diamond of inestimable value- Ambassador Dr Mrs Ngozi Gift Okeke.

Prof Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi with the wife – Ambassador Dr Mrs Ngozi Gift Okeke posing for a picture after receiving the award

Prof Okeke Gerald Ndubuisi with Soji ( WSO Country President), Safety Engr Abayowa, Dr Julius Akpong during the HSE Nations Afrisafe Award

In his remarks, Prof Okeke dedicated the award to God and his late son.

“I dedicate this award to God Almighty for His care and protection in my life and family. I equally dedicate this award to my late son Engr Ugochukwu Peter Ndubuisi Okeke (Aeronautical Engr).

“I equally use this medium to thank my boss and offshore Superintendent – Engr Tunde Momodu and the charismatic and indefatigable Diving Superintendent – Bashiru Idowu ( The Bash himself) for their love, support and encouragement towards my coming to receive this prestigious Safety award.

“Special thanks to Engr Pupu Ogheneteme .O. and Engr Bosun Ajayi ( my Field Generalismo cum Senior Prof plenipotentiary)”.

AfriSAFE Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals across Africa, who have devoted a significant part of their working life to advancing the cause of health, safety and environment in Africa, and whose specific achievements have clearly benefited many people regionally or nationally.

Since four years that the AfriSAFE award started, only three people have been given the Life Time Achievement award, which is the highest individual professional award.

Professor Okeke Bags Double Awards In 2022


AfriSAFE is the most prestigious and biggest safety award in Africa with over 400 million people reached in 2021.

The Annual Award was instituted to recognize professionals/practitioners in Health & Safety, captains of industry, and organizations for their exemplary Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) practices in the workplace.

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