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Pro-Tinubu actors step onto the podium in protest



Pro-Tinubu actors step onto the podium in protest

Scores of pro-Tinubu activists took to the streets on Friday, marching from the Unity Fountain to the National Assembly complex in Abuja. Their objective: to urge the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to suspend its planned two-day protest and resume negotiations with the Federal Government.

Arriving in six luxury buses, the demonstrators voiced their solidarity for the President through chants and carried placards with messages opposing the NLC’s proposed protest against the Bola Tinubu administration.

Some slogans included “Let’s be patient with Tinubu,” “NLC, please rest. Jagaban is working,” and “NLC, stop pretending to be fighting for Nigerians.”

Speaking to reporters at the Unity Fountain, Sunday Attah, the Convener of the Nigerian Civil Society Forum, that is currently pro-Tinubu, criticized the NLC’s stance, questioning their commitment to the welfare of Nigerians.

Attah referenced the NLC’s past opposition to fuel subsidy removal and urged them to emulate the United Kingdom’s support for the government during economic challenges.

Attah emphasized the need for patience with the government’s policies, citing the time required for implementation and results to materialize. He accused the NLC of leveraging protests for personal gain and expressed confidence in President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s dedication to serving all Nigerians.

Terrence Kuanum, co-convener of the group, echoed Attah’s sentiments, asserting that shutting down commercial activities wouldn’t alleviate economic hardships. Kuanum urged the NLC to reconsider its protest plans and return to negotiations, warning of mobilization efforts to oppose the protest if it proceeded.

Despite these appeals, the NLC remained resolute in its decision to proceed with the planned protests, disregarding warnings from the Department of State Services. The labor union has initiated nationwide mobilization efforts for the protest scheduled on February 27 and 28, aiming to address the country’s escalating cost of living crisis.