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Pope Francis Set To Be Discharged



Pope Francis has been cleared by doctors for discharge from the Gemelli hospital in Rome where he was treated for bronchitis.


The Vatican spokesperson, Matteo Bruni, announced on Friday that the pope will return home on Saturday and is expected to deliver the Palm Sunday Mass homily in St Peter’s Square, marking the start of Holy Week.


The 86-year-old pontiff was admitted to hospital on Wednesday after experiencing breathing difficulties. He responded well to antibiotics and was seen standing up and baptising a baby in the paediatrics ward, as well as sharing a pizza dinner with hospital staff.

This is not the first time Francis has faced health issues. He underwent surgery to remove part of his colon in July 2021, and in his younger years had part of a lung removed.

Despite his recent hospitalisation, the Vatican quickly sought to dispel any concerns about the pope’s ability to carry on with his duties. He is set to meet with the prime minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday and attend a meeting of bishops and youths from around the Mediterranean in Marseille on September 23.

In a tweet on Friday, the pope wrote, “When experienced with faith, the trials and difficulties of life serve to purify our hearts, making them humbler and thus more and more open to God.”

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