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Photos Of Pope Francis Wearing Sunshades And Puffer Jacket Goes Viral On Social Media (SEE PHOTOS)



An uploaded photo of Pope Francis wearing a heavy puffer jacket and shades is currently buzzing on social media as the image, which looked extremely realistic and was believed to be genuine, was later revealed to be a fake generated by an AI tool called Midjourney.


This incident highlights the growing concern over the use of AI-generated images to spread misinformation and blur the line between fact and fiction.



AI tools like Midjourney, Dall-E and new Bing are making it easier for anyone with a working internet connection and a desktop or laptop to create super realistic images that can be mistaken for real. The danger is that such images can go viral and spread misinformation before the truth can be established.



The incident involving Pope Francis is not an isolated one. There have been other instances where AI-generated images have been used to spread fake news and create confusion. For example, a photo of Donald Trump getting arrested and another one showing Elon Musk walking with General Motors CEO Marry Barra while holding her hand were also found to be fake.


While earlier, creating such images required detailed knowledge of tools like Photoshop, AI systems like Midjourney have made it easier for anyone to create photo-realistic images that look real to human eyes. This development underscores the need for greater awareness and caution while consuming information on social media. It is essential to verify the authenticity of images and news before sharing them.

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