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Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong



Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

We all think of that glamorous look whenever we get to see the word “Plastic Surgery”, but what happens when it goes the other way round.

Janice Dickinson
The world’s first super model admitted to having tummy Tuck, neck and face lifts, liposuction neck and facelift and breast enlargement.
After she was diagonosed with breast cancer she said she wished she never did a boob job.

Donatella Versace
The Vice President of the luxury fashion brand Versace has gone under the knife a couple of times, leaving her hideous…  and she is just 54 years.

LA Toya  Jackson
She has gone under the knife a couple of times , just like her brother Micheal,…… and also has his signature pointy nose amongst other procedures.

Scott Thompson
For a guy to be on this list is so unusual… .but this comedian sure transferred his funny utterances to his face. He even got an eyebrow lift along with lip plumping, amongst other procedures….he even worked on his muscles.

Amanda Lepore
Being a transgender alone has that unbalanced looks…….you sure know what will  happen if  going under the knife goes wrong, Tragic!!!.being a model and recording artist makes the matter worst.

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