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“Not too late to discontinue” — Peter Obi tells Tinubu



"Not too late to discontinue" -- Peter Obi tells Tinubu

Former presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi, has voiced sharp criticism against the administration of President Bola Tinubu for proceeding with the controversial Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project despite widespread public opposition.

Obi expressed dismay over the government’s decision to push forward with the project, which has sparked outcry due to its potential impact on employment and livelihoods, particularly in the face of rampant unemployment across the country.

In a statement posted on his X handle on Tuesday, the former Anambra State governor condemned the reported demolition of businesses and residences in the project’s designated right of way, describing it as both insensitive and heart-wrenching.

Obi highlighted the devastating consequences of the demolition, including the loss of livelihoods, wasted investments, and disappearing jobs, as bulldozers move through affected areas.

He criticized the government’s disregard for public outcry, emphasizing the voices of business and property owners directly affected by the project, and warned of the potential outcry as the project progresses through rural landscapes.

Drawing attention to the economic implications, Obi pointed out the risk of job losses and the extinction of businesses, particularly in the leisure and hospitality sector, as well as the broader economic losses associated with the project.

Amidst widespread economic challenges and pressing national priorities, Obi questioned the rationale and timing of the project, emphasizing the urgent need to address existing infrastructure deficiencies and prioritize essential needs such as security, poverty eradication, healthcare, and education.

Obi urged the government to reconsider its focus on non-essential projects and redirect resources towards addressing critical development needs, warning against the risk of another expensive abandoned project in the country’s infrastructure portfolio.

“We cannot afford another expensive abandoned project. Nigeria’s urgent development needs are more real and essential. We do not need landscape decoration escapades.”