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“No woman is above anyone because of Money” — Kemi Olunloyo to Priscilla Ojo



"No woman is above anyone because of Money" -- Kemi Olunloyo

Kemi Olunloyo has taken aim at Priscilla Ojo, daughter of Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo, following Priscilla’s statements in a recent interview regarding her dating preferences.

Priscilla Ojo who is 22, asserted in the interview that she prioritizes dating someone at her financial level or above, emphasizing the importance of financial independence and success in a partner.

Her earnest remarks on avoiding relationships that might hinder her progress drew criticism from Olunloyo, who vehemently opposed Priscilla’s views, asserting that no woman should consider herself superior to others based on financial status.

In her scathing response, Olunloyo referenced Priscilla’s upbringing, suggesting that Priscilla’s perspective might have been shaped by her mother’s history of relationships with Lagos Governors and pastors.

She urged Priscilla to broaden her outlook and offered advice, alleging a looming video depicting Priscilla using nitrous oxide balloons with the Marlians, cautioning against such behavior.

Kemi Olunloyo slams Priscilla Ojo

“No woman is above anyone because of money. You grew up around a mother who dated Lagos Governors and pastors, so that’s all you know. Priscilla thinks outside the box. Go fix your drug problems,” Olunloyo’s response read, highlighting her concern over the alleged upcoming video.

The journalist also directed Priscilla’s attention to her alleged involvement with singer Kizz Daniel and influencer Enioluwa.

Reports circulating previously linked Priscilla to various male celebrities, including romantic speculation with Kizz Daniel and Enioluwa.

However, Priscilla had clarified these rumors, indicating that they were simply friendships, despite public displays of affection.