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Nigerians blast Asari Dokubo, a once supporter of Tinubu, for protesting against Tinubu led government



Nigerians blast Asari Dokubo, a once supporter of Tinubu, for protesting against Tinubu led government

Netizens have exerted their displeasure and anger towards ex-militant leader, Asari Dokubo for criticizing the Tinubu-led government.

Social media users did not hold back on the supposed Tinubu supporter, Asari Dokubo after he showed his frustration over the state of governance and the handling of critical issues in the country. He hammered on the security issues, economic downturn, and social welfare in the nation.

TopNaija understands that the ex militant leader, who is known for being at the forefront of the Tinubu campaign had, during the early days, asked Nigerians to hold him responsible if the government fails.

However, for months now, he had joined others in protesting and had condemned the government of Tinubu.

In a trending video, Dokubo directly accused government officials, including governors and ministers, of remaining silent in the face of Nigeria’s pressing issues, particularly the ongoing security challenges plaguing the nation.

Many social media users have taken to various platforms to express their disappointment and skepticism towards Dokubo’s apparent change of stance.

See his tweet below;

Read some netizens reactions below;
@Ishe25: Thought he said they should hold him responsible if Tinubu does not perform… Why his he now calling lawyers and ministers??? He should have said “where is Asari Dokubo, pkim”
@Samuellogbuji1: The dullars he collected has finished
@kasz_OG: Asari needs attention n money but they have left him behind
@Lumen5000: “Hold me responsible if Tinubu fails” Asari DokuboSo you are smart like this in 2023

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