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Nigerian forces neutralise 974 terrorists, apprehend 621, rescue 466 hostages



Nigeria's armed forces neutralise 974 terrorists, apprehend 621 suspects, rescue 466 hostages

Nigeria’s Minister of Information, Muhammad Idris, recently revealed significant advancements in counterterrorism efforts at a Ramadan Iftar event in Kano.

He stated that in February 2024, the Armed Forces had achieved significant milestones, including the elimination of 974 terrorists, the apprehension of 621 suspects, the rescue of 466 hostages, and the recovery of 1,573 weapons.

“In February 2024, our Armed Forces neutralised 974 terrorists, apprehended 621 suspects, rescued 466 hostages, and recovered 1,573 weapons.”

During the gathering, Minister Idris underscored the government’s unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety of citizens and visitors alike.

He also issued a caution to media practitioners, urging them to avoid inadvertently assisting bandits and kidnappers through their reporting.

The Minister praised Nigeria’s security agencies’ diligent efforts and emphasised significant investments made to equip the military for more effective operations. Notable gains in combating banditry and terrorism, particularly in the North-West and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), were noted.

Specific accomplishments, such as eradicating bandit camps and increasing security on important roads such as the Abuja-Kaduna Motorway, were mentioned as real proof of progress. Minister Idris also presented strategic measures, such as the Pulako Initiative, which has a budget of 50 billion Naira and aims to confront insecurity thoroughly.

Minister Idris also emphasised progress in preventing oil theft and protecting critical economic infrastructure. He tackled regional security concerns, such as reducing farmer-herder violence in the North Central region and improving security in Niger State.

While admitting individual criminal situations, Minister Idris emphasised the general progress towards securing community safety and security.

He added, “Under the Initiative, the Federal Government of Nigeria will build houses, clinics, schools, veterinary hospitals, empowerment initiatives, solar energy, and other infrastructure needs in the communities worst affected by banditry.

“Fight against oil theft is ramping up – over 6,000 illegal refineries have been deactivated and over 4,000 illegal pipelines disconnected; oil production has grown steadily since Q2 2023, rising from 1.22m barrels per day to 1.55 million barrels per day in Q4 2023.

“In the North Central in particular, due to the concerted efforts of our security forces, the so-called farmer-herder clashes have been significantly reduced to the barest minimum.

“Through the collaborative endeavours of the Armed Forces, the state government, and the communities, we have made substantial progress in containing the security situation in Niger State.

“The gory tale of bandits raiding villages and taxing farmers in the state has abated in recent times.

“While we continue to make strides in combating violent crimes, I must acknowledge that there are still isolated attacks by bandits and criminal elements in certain areas. However, it is important to stress that these sporadic attacks do not diminish the progress made so far in ensuring the security of lives in our communities.”

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