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Mokolade – Baba wa Orun [Music + Lyrics]



Mokolade – Baba wa Orun

Baba wa orun which means “Our father who hath in heaven” is a deep intense yoruba worship song, which reveals the scripture according to the Lord’s prayer in the book of Matthew 6 vs 9 -10, Baba wa orun is a spirit filled song that declares our allegiance to Christ Jesus, that in our whole life, his kingdom come and his will be done in our daily Living and endeavours ,that our whole life will be an expression of his grace.

This song was inspired and dropped in his heart by the holy spirit; revealing (God) as our Abbah ( Father) and that he seeks intimacy with men through his son “THE ETERNAL LIFE” and he also wants us to live our lives according to his Will ( we becoming like him)

“Baba wa orun” ( Our Father Who hath in heaven) is produced by Lucid Production.

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Adeoye Kolade Oluwaseun also known as Mokolade is a minister of the gospel of Christ in music (sounds) and truth in revelation to the person of our Lord Jesus Christ , empowered by the spirit of Yahweh to call men back to reconciliation with God through the gospel of Christ.He is a minstrel of the gospel in sounds and truth.
He is a native of Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, West Africa.



Intro: Our father who hath in heaven
Hallowed be to your holy name
Abbah father we bless your name
The father of our Lord Jesus Christ
we are joint heirs, Lord Jesus
And we worship you
And reference you Abbah……

vocal: Baba wa orun
owo ni fo’oko re
je ki ife tire nikan
ni kaa se …………….×2