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“Meet me again during 2027 Election” – Tinubu tells protesters



President Bola Tinubu expressed disapproval of the recent protest orchestrated by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), emphasizing that it is unjust for the NLC to confront an administration merely nine months old.

The NLC, in response to perceived hardship and the federal government’s alleged reluctance to implement agreed-upon measures, staged a protest, with President Joe Ajaero delivering the union’s demands to the National Assembly.

Ajaero handed over the comprehensive letter of demands to Senator Diket Plang, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Labour, Employment, and Productivity.

The demands encompassed various aspects, including the full implementation of welfare provisions, job creation, immediate subsidies for farmers, and the urgent repair of the nation’s four refineries, among other issues.

Addressing the National Assembly during the protest, Ajaero highlighted that Nigerians participated in peaceful demonstrations due to prevalent hunger, drawing a parallel with Zimbabwe’s situation.

He mentioned ongoing minimum wage negotiations, disclosing that the exact amount had not been finalized. Ajaero asserted that the protest aimed to signal the federal government to promptly address the prevailing challenges in the country.

However, President Tinubu, during the commissioning of the Lagos Red Line Train connecting Agbado to Oyingbo, condemned the protest.

He contended that the Labour movement does not exclusively represent the voice of the people and suggested that the government’s fight against corruption was facing resistance.

Tinubu assured citizens that the present economic difficulties resulting from the removal of fuel subsidies and exchange rate unification are temporary.

He urged Nigerians to persevere, emphasizing the brighter economic prospects ahead.

Tinubu also took a moment to assert that the Labour Union is not the only entity with freedom and rights, urging them to wait until 2027 if they wish to participate in the electoral process.

In the face of resistance, Tinubu remained resolute in implementing his reforms, dismissing opposition from what he termed as “smugglers.” This underscored his commitment to the ongoing changes despite challenges and dissent.

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