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Mauricio Pochettino ‘warns’ Chelsea not to sack him



Mauricio Pochettino 'warns' Chelsea not to sack him

Let’s be careful not to make the same mistakes again, Mauricio Pochettino warns Chelsea as pressure builds on the team.

Chelsea boss, Mauricio Pochettino has warned Chelsea against making the same mistakes that were made previously if the club wants to move forward.

Speaking to the press before the Carabao Cup tie versus Blackburn Rovers, the former Paris Saint-Germain and Tottenham Hotspur boss said;

“The important thing is to trust the ideas, the judgment and analysis of why certain things have not happened,

“To help the organization to be better and to improve, and not to make the same mistakes again,” the Argentine said.

Adding to the statement, Mauricio Pochettino addressed the issues facing Chelsea striker, Nicolas Jackson.

According to the ex-Southampton boss, he believes, the Senegalese attacker needs the club’s and the fans’ support to come good.

“For different reasons, Jackson is now suffering. Nico needs support. I believe in him, really,”

However, Pochettino recognizes the size of the club the Jackson plays for and the fact that the Senegal international is running out of time.

“Only problem is time. I don’t want to give examples, but he arrived at Chelsea in a situation that is not easy for him. We cannot be unfair in the analysis.”