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Manchester City vs. Arsenal: Confirmed Lineup



Manchester City vs. Arsenal: Confirmed Lineup

A hotly contested battle in the premier league faces us today as Manchester City and Arsenal are set to take center stage for what promises to be an end to end contest between two rivals chasing after same goal.

With the Cityzens down on their luck with the injuries, Mikel Arteta’s team have no excuse to fail to capitalize on an opportunity to neutralize the main threat that could once more hinder their premier league title ambitions.

Student versus the Master many would say of this game, but the student has come so far that is now time to take over from the master. But will the Master allow it?

The better question; is the Master tired of winning?

Pep Guardiola and his Manchester City side this season are as hungry to do what no team in the premier league has ever done before; win 4 consecutive titles on the bounce, and a win against Arsenal even if it doesn’t take them directly to the top of the table, gets them closer to it. Defeat however, becomes a different tale entirely.

Glory, bragging rights and the excitement to win faces both teams as they march out on the Etihad turf. Though many may say Manchester City are favorites over Arsenal, but Arsenal so far will take confidence from their recent form to get something over Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

Here goes the Confirmed Lineup;


Manchester City vs. Arsenal: Confirmed Lineup

Arsenal Confirmed Lineup:

Manchester City vs. Arsenal: Confirmed Lineup