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Man scammed as he buys MacBook only to see packaged tile (Video)



A man is in disbelief after he purchased an Apple MacBook, only for him to discover he was scammed by the seller.

The man took to social media in a video as he shared his experience of how he was scammed by a Nigerian after he purchased over a thousand dollars worth Apple MacBook.

The man, while unboxing what he got, realized that the supposed MacBook was a tile designed with the Apple logo on the front.

The more shocking aspect of the scam is that it came with manual and some other accessories that usually accompany the device.

Sharing the video with the caption; ”This is how a scammer got me. I thought it was a MacBook all I got was a tile.”

See the vide below:

Some took to the comment section to share their experience with scammers.

One roboticblvck wrote; A Dude tried doing this to me 2019 NOv when I came visiting Nigeria 🇳🇬 & wanted to get a Mac book pro 2018 for my cousin cos he was robbed !! I caught him & this was at computer village hmm .. he didn’t know I was once in the Royal Navy & tot he could scam me off my money ! Mate made a huge mistake 😅😅 . A day he would never forget in his life 😂😂

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