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After series of denial, Godwin Maduagu reveals he’s gay (video)



Nollywood actor, Godwin Maduagu has affirmed his gay state right after denying his leaked gayish sex tape.

TopNaija recalls that sometime in January 2021, a sex tape that contained the face of the actor, Godwin Maduagu was leaked on the internet.

However, as the actor faced quite a series of backlashes, Godwin vehemently denied being the face in the tape.

Godwin, at that period, held a Question & Answer session with his fans and followers on Instagram, and they didn’t waste the moment not bombarding him with questions regarding the once viral tape.

According to the singer, denying he was the individual involved in the act, he claimed that the individual(s) who leaked the tape used “technology” to alter his face in the video.


owever, in a recent event, a year later, the actor finally confessed to being the one in the sex tape.

In a shared TikTok video, he had publicly come out as a homosexual.

In the video, Godwin narrated how friends he trusted blackmailed and threatened to leak the tape because they were envious of his success and then proceeded to share the video.

He stated that he became depressed when the tape was released and thought of committing suicide, but he was saved thanks to the support and encouragement of his family.

Godwin said he has now embraced his sexuality and is living in his truth.

See video below;

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