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Man kills newly wedded wife a week after she called him out over assault



Man kills newly wedded wife a week after she called him out over assault

A mother of three has been murdered by her husband in New York after the deceased called him out over assault and domestic violence.

Keaira Hudson, 30, had sadly met her demise no thanks to her husband, barely one week after she cried out over domestic violence.

Keaira got married to her husband, Adam Bennefield, 45, in February 2022 (8 months ago); in celebration of the ceremony, Keaira took to Facebook to say it was the happiest day of her life.

Months passed, and their union took a drift as Adam got really abusive, and the mother shared a video of him beating her mercilessly in Buffalo, New York.

According to a friend, Keaira’s husband had a bad temper long before they got married but he always apologized whenever he hit her and promised to change.

“Keaira’s family did not want her to marry him. They were so scared for her and tried to reach out to Keaira, but she felt like she was fine,” the friend wrote on Facebook.

On September 28, Adam threatened Keaira at their home with a knife, flogged her brutally, took her phone and refused to let her leave the house.

As she bled on the floor after the assault, he took pictures of her in her battered state.

Keaira shared the video on September 29 with the caption: “This is what this man does to me but I’m always treated like I’m the abuser.”

After that incident, she ran away from home with her kids. But Adam refused to let her be and threatened to kill her. He was arrested, and a restraining order was placed on him.

He was released from jail on Tuesday, October 4th, and Keaira, hiding in her mother’s house, always wore a bulletproof vest as she feared Adam would shoot her dead.

“Mom he’s going to kill me, you don’t understand,” Keaira reportedly told her mother when she asked why she’s always wearing a bullet-proof vest.

While Adam was released, prosecutors requested a temporary order of protection to force him to stay away from Keaira.

Sadly, on Wednesday morning, Oct. 5, Keaira was on her way to drop her kids off at daycare when Adam slammed his car into her car as she approached the daycare.

He then jumped out of his vehicle and sh0t Keaira multiple times in her head while her kids watched. She died on the spot.

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