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Lesbian couple tortured, killed by unknown suspect



A married lesbian couple from Texas was tortured and shot dead before their bodies were dismembered and left in two garbage bags.

The women have been identified as Nohemí Medina Martínez and Yulizsa Ramírez, both aged 28, of El Paso, according to the Chihuahua State Office of the Attorney General.

The bags containing their bodies were found about 17 miles apart from each other on a stretch of Juárez-El Porvenir Road Sunday morning, January 16 on streets in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juárez.

One of the bodies was in the San Agustín neighborhood and the other was found at the entrance of the Jesus Carranza village in what police believe to be a homophobic fueled crime.

Mexican newspaper El Diario reported that they were visiting family members in Ciudad Juárez but the family members last saw the couple on Saturday.

It is still unclear how long the couple had been in Mexico. The two were Mexican citizens but lived in Texas. They married in 2021 and were mothers to three children.

‘The concern is that authorities will absolutely do nothing,’ Chihuahua Committee for Sexual Diversity director Karen Arvizo said to

‘We feel like we are treated like second-class citizens and that we really don’t matter.’

On Monday, Ciudad Juárez authorities found the bodies of two other women at an intersection in the Patria-Zaragoza neighborhood. They also had been tortured and shot. They have not been identified.

One of the victims was declared dead at the scene. The other died at a local hospital from a gunshot wound.

It’s unknown if the four murders are connected. The investigation is ongoing.

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