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Leonardo Dicarprio,Sandra Bullock Donates $1million Each To Hurricane Harvey Victims



Leonardo Dicarprio,Sandra Bullock Donates $1million Each To Hurricane Harvey Victims



Leonardo DiCaprio,Sandra Bullock has donated $1million each to victims of Hurricane Harvey.
Leonardo DiCaprio, is found of giving to charity- he has donated to countries where natural disasters has taken place,- Tsunami, Haiti earthquake and a host of others. He donated his might through the U.N, while Sandra Bullock who has a house in Texas donated hers to the red cross.

The rock band Fall Out Boy also announced on Wednesday night that it was donating all the proceeds from its upcoming Nov. 7 concert in Houston to Harvey relief efforts. The group will funnel donations to various local organizations through the Fall Out Boy Fund.

Miley Cyrus also donated $500,000 through her charity, the Happy Hippie Foundation.
Kim Kardashian,the Rock,and Kevin Hart have all pledged to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.


Bullock urged all Americans to come together to help the people of Texas.
“There are no politics in 8 feet of water,” the actress told People. “There are human beings in 8 feet of water.”

At least 13 people have died as a result of Harvey and thousands more have been displaced by historic flooding.

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