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Lawmakers propose new tenure, election reforms in constitution



Lawmakers push for single six-year presidential tenure

A group of 35 MPs known as the Reformers has suggested a significant amendment to Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution, calling for a single six-year tenure for the President and governors.

This important reform is intended to improve political stability and enable more effective long-term governance.

The six-year single tenure is at the top of the list of suggested modifications, to streamline leadership terms, reduce election-related interruptions, and encourage sustained policy implementation.

The proposal is part of a larger package of 50 proposed constitutional modifications revealed on Monday by the group’s chairman, Ikenga Ugochinyere, during a news event in the National Assembly. Ugochinyere underlined that the current constitutional framework has substantial deficiencies that must be rectified in order to provide better governance.

In addition to the six-year single mandate, MPs are advocating for the appointment of two vice presidents from Nigeria’s southern and northern regions. This adjustment is aimed at maintaining fair regional representation as well as leadership stability.

Another significant proposal is to rotate the presidency among the six geopolitical zones and schedule all elections on the same day. These approaches aim to increase fairness and reduce electoral conflicts.

“One of the proposed amendments specifies that the President and the 1st Vice President must come from the same region (north or south), with the 1st Vice President taking over if the President becomes incapacitated,” Ugochinyere explained.

The Reformers’ recommended reforms represent a comprehensive effort to modernize Nigeria’s political system while improving the effectiveness and inclusivity of its government. The group’s approach is an important step toward tackling the challenges inherent in the current Constitution and promoting a more stable political environment.

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