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Korra Obidi Replies Fan Who Schooled Her On The Effect Her Dressing Could Have On Her Kids



Korra Obidi Replies Fan Who Questioned Her Over Her Style Of Dressing

Controversial Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi has replied a fan turned critics who questioned her for her style of dressing.

Korra Obidi Replies Fan Who Questioned Her Over Her Style Of Dressing

Korra Obidi, is known for her somewhat half makes kind of dressing, which had been denoted as attire for most ‘modern dancers’.

However, she had gotten the attention of a fan who cautioned her on how her style of dressing could affect her children.

The fan had questioned if the divorcee would agree that her daughters dress the same way she does.

“I don’t mean to upset u, i luv u, BUT will you agree that your daughters wear what you’re wearing?”

In response to the question, Korra stated that her daughters are free to wear what they want as soon as they are adults.

According to her, anyone who tries to dictate to them their mode of dressing will be a ‘heinously foolish scoundrel’.

when they are adults, they can wear whatever they want, and whoever tries to tell them how to dress will be a heinously foolish scoundrel. freedom of expression!”.



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