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“I thought I would die before Wigwe” — Sanusi



"I thought I would die before Wigwe" -- Sanusi

Nigeria’s elite continues to mourn fallen Access Holdings CEO, Harbert Wigwe, and former Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, is not left out as he disclosed during a tribute event on Wednesday that he had appointed the late Wigwe, as the head protector of his children’s trust fund.

Sanusi, speaking at the night of tribute organized to honor Wigwe, explained the rationale behind his decision, citing his perception that he might pass away before Wigwe.

“I put all my savings in a trust about two years ago for the education of my children because I have many. And as a father, my priority is to make sure that they will have a good education when I pass away,” Sanusi stated.

“Paul was a solicitor in that trust, but I put Herbert as lead protector. I said, ‘Herbert I’m placing you in charge because I know that even if I die without leaving any money, you will educate our children,” Sanusi elaborated.

“I was thinking I would die and leave Herbert. We have all heard about his loyalty,” he added.

The revelation comes in the wake of the tragic demise of Herbert Wigwe, who lost his life in a helicopter crash on February 10, 2024, in the United States.

The crash also claimed the lives of Wigwe’s wife, son, and former group chairman of the Nigerian Exchange Group Plc (NGX Group), Abimbola Ogunbanjo.