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“I get angry watching him play for Manchester United” — Berbatov



"I get angry watching him play for Manchester United" -- Berbatov

Count Dimitar Berbatov out of the Antony fan zone, and if anything, the former Manchester United player is every Man United fan watching the Brazilian play for the Red Devils.

Speaking on the former Ajax player’s performances at the club, the ex-Striker expressed some honest opinions on the Manchester United winger.

According to Dimitar Berbatov, it is either Antony gets himself together or leaves Old Trafford if he cannot pull himself together and improve on his performances.

Antony, who arrived at United for a hefty £85 million from Ajax in September 2022, has endured a rather underwhelming form at the Theatre of Dreams, contributing eight goals and three assists across all competitions in his first season.

However, the Brazilian has experienced a worse form in the current campaign, failing to score or assist in any matches.

Expressing sympathy for the young winger, Berbatov acknowledged Antony’s talent but pointed out his visible frustration on the field, leading to attempts at overcomplicating plays and subsequent errors.

“In a way, I sympathize with Antony because he obviously has talent, and I can see he does try sometimes. He looks angry and frustrated when he plays, and because of this, he tries to do stuff and overcomplicates things, loses the ball, and then becomes even angrier,” Berbatov commented in a statement to Betfair.

The former striker suggested that Antony might benefit from on-field guidance, whether from a teammate or a coach, to help him understand when to release the ball and where to position himself.

Berbatov advised Antony to seek advice from various sources, including watching videos of successful right-wingers.

“As a fan, I get angry when I watch him because it’s frustrating. If Antony can’t get out of his difficult spell, then he needs to go,” Berbatov stated, emphasizing the importance of the player finding a solution to his struggles or considering a potential departure from the club.