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Dietmar Hamann predicts team to win the Premier League



Dietmar Hamann predicts team to win the Premier League

Former Liverpool player Dietmar Hamann has placed his coin on the team he believes are in line to win the English Premier League this season in what he considers will be yet another 2 horse race between famed rivals; Liverpool and Manchester City.

According to Hamann, he foresees Liverpool clinching the Premier League title this season, bypassing strong contenders Manchester City in the process. Hamann expressed skepticism about Arsenal’s chances, stating that they are unlikely to rejoin the intense race for the title.

As the current standings reveal, Liverpool has positioned itself ahead of both Manchester City and Arsenal. Hamann shared his insights during a discussion with talkSPORT, highlighting his belief that the Premier League title race will primarily be a showdown between Liverpool and Manchester City.

“I think it is a two-horse race; I can’t see Arsenal really getting back into it. They had a chance last season. I think it will be a two-horse race but I do fancy Liverpool this time around,” remarked Hamann during the interview.

Hamann’s assessment aligns with Liverpool’s impressive performance in the current season, putting them in a favorable position to contend for the coveted Premier League trophy.