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I cook, I clean, I sabi nack” – Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday hails herself



Controversial Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday has taken to social media to brag about being a ‘complete package’ as a woman.

Taking to her Instagram story, the actress, Nkechi Blessing shared a video of a pot of stew she supposedly cooked herself, claiming she is a good cook.

She captioned the video with a claim that she cooks well, cleans well and she is good at sex, making her a ‘full option’ as a woman desperate for a man.

She wrote: “I cook, I clean, I sabi nack. Wetin again? Full option bay”

The actress has, however, earlier hinted on being in a relationship with an anonymous man after a messy split with her ex lover, Opeyemi Falegan.

This is coming after the actress, Nkechi Blessing reacted to the accusation by Opeyemi Falegan who claimed that she is unhygienic and wears same panties unwashed for more than a day.

Reacting to such claim, Nkechi asserted that her ex is only trying to stay relevant, as she had stopped wearing panties since she turned 18.

She stated that Falegan might be mistaking her for a 21- year- old he once begged for cash gift.

She wrote: “Wow, Just wow. I am glad your lies be staring into your face gidigba. It’s a known fact that I Blessing Sunday have never worn pants since I was 18. Opeyemi, just wow. What a weak comeback bro.

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“Leave me alone in peace. When talking about hygiene, please clean that rat hole you live in first. This battle is a lost one already. Stay dead please.

Why is it so hard for you to move on? Is it by force? If i decided to go that route with you, you will not like it. Leave me alone.

NBS pant? i do not own a single pant. May be you are mistaking me for the 21 year old girl you were begging for 50k

“Bro, are you dreaming? I’m in shock by this. very laughable.
Same P you forget and wake up to in your hands.

“I can’t stop laughing. You have tried all your possible best to get people by your side but none seems to work out.

“Then this mighty lie that a day old child would detect that I never wear undies.

“God has just used you lie to vindicate me.”

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