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“I am the reason Nigeria has failed” — Basketmouth



"I am the reason Nigeria has failed" -- Basketmouth

Nigeria has failed and it’s all Basketmouth’s fault that the Naira has fallen…

The situation continues to worsen for Nigeria, and social media particularly Twitter has been rife with complaints from all corners, and for Nigerian comedian, Bright Okpocha also known as Basketmouth, an old skit of his resurfaces to parallel current Nigeria.

It stands very much the irony to see a stand up comedian trending in the same line as the economic instability in the country, but Basketmouth has drawn interest after a 2-year-old skit resurfaced on the micro blogging platform.

The skit which ironically mirrors the current Nigerian economic situation, sparked a lot of comments on X, with some social media users drawing parallels between the joke and the sad face that is the country.

"I am the reason Nigeria has failed" -- Basketmouth

However, as social media goes, not every user has same opinion or sense of humor as others, and one particular comment earned the ire of a frustrated Basketmouth who swooped in to confront the account.

According to the X account, identified as @chima_TeeY, Basketmouth together with the political bigwigs Nigerians now lay curses on, also played his part in Nigeria’s decadence.

The X-user in condemning the skit, pointed the accusing finger in his reaction, saying;

“Did Basketmouth vote for good governance on election day? Basketmouth that had a show slated for 25th Feb 2023. He is part of Nigeria’s problem.”

However, the Comedian was quick to remind @chima_TeeY via a sarcastic response that he played no part in the failure of Nigeria’s refineries, the devaluation of the Naira or the collapse of the power grid.

“Oh yes!!! I guess I am really the problem!! I’m the reason the $ is now N1,700 and counting. I’m the one that keeps collapsing the power grid. I’m the reason the refineries don’t work. I’m the snake that swallowed $100,000. I guess i am the one,” he wrote.