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Husband excitedly crashes wife’s news broadcast happening in their backyard



Husband excitedly crashes wife's news broadcast happening in their backyard

The Coronavirus lockdown is a unique period that has brought out unique solutions. People have had to work from home and this requires coping with the distractions that come with working from home.  A CBSN TV presenter, Kristin Smith had her husband excitedly crash into her broadcast.

Kristin was broadcasting live from her backyard, due to the Coronavirus lockdown, when her husband Josiah Smith, who was watching her on the news in his living room, decided to interrupt the evening news.


“That backyard look like mine. That’s my house. Wait a minute, that’s my house. Hol’ up,” the husband is seen saying in a video while watching the news.


He then stands from his living room couch and makes his way to the backyard where his wife was reporting the news live.


“Is this the news?” he asks when he gets to the backyard.


His wife is seen trying to motion for him to move away because she’s broadcasting live but the husband continues towards her.


“I’m live. I’m live,” his wife warns and he responds, “Oh, you live?”



But he doesn’t stop and he continues going towards her until he joins her in front of the camera where he proceeds to give a shout out to his “mama”.


He’s seen looking excited as he leaves the screen while his wife continues reporting the news as though nothing happened.

“I might have ruined the news tonight,” Josiah Smith captioned the video and shared it online.



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