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How D’Banj used to cheat me — Ikechukwu



How D'Banj used to cheat me -- Ikechukwu

Hell hath no fury like a pupil scorned, especially when said pupil is Nigerian rapper turned actor, Ikechukwu Onunaku as he goes public on his prior working relationship with colleague, D’Banj.

According to the rapper he had quite the experience working with Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, popularly known as D’Banj, during their time at the MoHits music record label.

In a recent interview with Daddy Freeze, Ikechukwu revealed startling details about his compensation while working with D’Banj. He disclosed that despite being booked for shows where promoters paid sums ranging from N1.5 million to N2 million, he would only receive a meager payment of N50,000 from the MoHits boss.

Daddy Freeze expressed astonishment at the revelation, to which Ikechukwu goes on to reveal that it was only after D’Banj’s mother intervened that his compensation was eventually raised to N150,000.

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When asked about D’Banj’s mother’s involvement with MoHits, Ikechukwu responded affirmatively, stating, “Spiritually, yes.” He elaborated by highlighting the significant influence she wielded within the record label, noting that decisions were often made with her approval for an extended period.

“For a long time, ask Jazzy now, they no dey make decision without Mumsi giving the OK. For a very long time.” the rapper alleged.

This isn’t the first instance of familial involvement causing friction within D’Banj’s circle. Earlier, Dotun, who was married to D’Banj’s sister, voiced accusations against D’Banj’s mother, alleging interference in his marriage and causing considerable distress in his life.