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How to hit it BIG in your musical career



Nigeria’s music industry, a multi-billion naira industry is so tuned in a way that you may totally go UNNOTICED in your career even when you can sing better than Wizkid, Davido and Olamide.

This is because the record labels and major marketers whose job is to package and promote your work WILL NEVER GIVE YOU A RECORD DEAL BASED ON YOUR RAW TALENT ALONE.

You will need to create some buzz about your talent to get it noticed by the record labels all by your self.

And some of you who are very keen on succeeding have gone on to release several works and have promoted them aggressively on different mediums, but NOTHING SEEMS TO BE HAPPENING FOR YOU despite your efforts.

Here are some of the reasons that have been letting you down:

• YOU ARE CLUELESS: The plain truth is this; you are clueless, no offense please. Being talented is one thing and knowing what kind of songs to do that can easily go viral or actually promoting them to get them noticed is another.

You have been going round in circles doing the same exact thing each time that will never get you anything. I call this insanity. What do you call it?


Your music is a real career and it should be treated as that, If 2Baba and other big names in industry today had not invested in their careers (Promotions), I believe strongly they would have remained Up and Coming for the rest of their lives. Maybe 2Baba will still be in Benue doing underground music.


This is just too much of a big deal nowadays, Record labels will not sign you if you don’t have large following on social media. As you can clearly see from an exclusive interview with the CEO of EME records Banky W some time ago.

In his own words, he said, ‘Nothing will make us sign an artiste because of how convincing he/she could be with their mouth, We will not take any artiste requesting a record deal serious without making a name first for yourself on social media.’

‘Record labels want to see how people like/love and respond to your songs before we know if it’s worth investing on. You cannot just wake up one morning and send us songs and ask us to sign you when you have no image of who you are already.’

Banky said it all.

These guys are business people and they will not invest in you if you are not already salable.

As you can see guys, this is 2017, and if you want to succeed in your career, you must know how to do social media like pro. Most music promoters know this now and have started to shift great attention towards social media.

At Royal Insight Entertainment (Your No. 1 Music promotion company) – We know this too and that’s why we have created a Free Report and an Advanced Social Media Guide to help you succeed.

If you want to learn how to make the right kind of music that can easily go viral, create buzz about your music that will get it noticed by big record labels with the tiniest amount of investment.

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