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Palestinian journalists awarded UNESCO prize for Gaza conflict reporting



UNESCO press freedom prize: Palestinian journalists Honoured for Gaza conflict reporting

Palestinian journalists documenting the ongoing conflict in Gaza have been honoured with the prestigious UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize.

This recognition, bestowed on the recommendation of a global jury of media experts, underscores the remarkable courage and commitment displayed by these reporters amidst the turmoil.

Mauricio Weibel, chair of the jury, praised the resilience of Palestinian journalists who continue to provide vital coverage despite facing immense challenges.

“In these times of darkness and hopelessness, we wish to share a strong message of solidarity and recognition to those Palestinian journalists who are covering this crisis in such dramatic circumstances,” remarked Weibel, echoing sentiments shared on World Press Freedom Day.

World Press Freedom Day, observed on May 3rd, serves as a poignant reminder of the indispensable role played by a free press in upholding democracy and human rights.

Audrey Azoulay, Chief of the UN Science, Education, and Culture Agency, emphasized the Prize’s significance in highlighting the collective imperative to safeguard journalists worldwide.

Tragically, the dangers confronting journalists in conflict zones like Gaza are starkly evident. Since October 7, 2023, UNESCO has mourned the loss of 26 journalists and media professionals while in the line of duty.

In response, UNESCO has provided vital supplies to journalists in Gaza and established secure workspaces, extending emergency funding to journalists in Sudan and Ukraine to support their coverage of conflict and disaster.

The 2024 World Press Freedom Day theme underscores the vital importance of free speech and journalism amidst the present global environmental crisis. By elevating these issues, we advance the cause of democracy and peace on a global scale, ensuring that the voices of the marginalized are heard and their stories told.

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