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FRSC urges drivers to track permanent driving licences to reduce abandonment



The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Lagos Sector Command, advises drivers to monitor their permanent driving licences within 60 days of application to minimize the backlog of abandoned licences.

Corps Commander Babatunde Farinloye emphasized the importance of filling out the next of kin number in the application form to facilitate communication with applicants once their licences are ready.

Farinloye explained that tracking within the stipulated 60-day period enables applicants to check the status of their licences promptly, thereby reducing the number of abandoned licences.

He urged applicants to proactively check for collection if they do not receive any notification.

Regarding the Bypass Capture Scheme for licence renewal, Farinloye highlighted the initiative’s aim to streamline the renewal process.

He assured that adequate sensitization programs have been conducted to educate applicants on this scheme and other licence application procedures.

For the conversion of foreign driving licences to national licences, Farinloye listed the necessary requirements, including the data page of the passport, the foreign licence, proof of residence, and utility bills.

Furthermore, he outlined the process for data change and upgrading licence class, emphasizing the need for medical fitness certification for commercial licence applicants.

However, Farinloye clarified misconceptions about the FRSC’s role in issuing licences, stating that the Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA) is responsible for licence issuance.

The FRSC’s role involves biometric and physical capturing of applicants recommended by the Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS).

This clarification aims to ensure transparency and understanding among drivers regarding the licence issuance process in collaboration with relevant agencies.

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