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Free Gift: The Amazon Millionaire by Robert Kiyosaki and Dave Kettner



Co-author, Dave Kettner spends about an hour a day working on his business. Do you think you can find an hour to build the machine that will create your freedom? If you can’t, then this book probably isn’t going to help you. But if you can give up your
lunches, or TV time, or even a little sleep for a little while, then you CAN be a success.
If you want your success to be a gift and not earned, then this book won’t help you. If you are not afraid to learn from one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs and one of America’s new, digital entrepreneurs, then this book is the blue pill you’ve been looking for.
Before you jump into the lessons from Robert and Dave there is one more thing you need. You must accept the responsibility of being self-made. This is your journey, your hard work. This is NOT a gift.

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