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Universal laws and principles are similar to telephone numbers in
that, if you dial the right number, you get through to the desired
party. But even if you are brilliant, well educated, sincere,
determined and intelligent, if you dial the wrong number, you won’t get through.

The purpose of this book is to share with you a system of proven
principles or “Laws” that have been discovered and rediscovered,
practiced and implemented, by the most successful business people everywhere, in every kind of organization, large and small,
throughout the history of business enterprise. The practice of laws will give you the “winning edge.”

This book was written specifically for people working in the business world who want to maximize their personal potentials and get the greatest quality and quantity of business results possible in exchange for the hours, weeks, months and years of their precious lives that they invest in their careers.

Download The 100 Laws Of Business Success by Brian Tracy

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