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For all the men i post, i will make sure you have slow and horrible lives – Temmie Ovwasa reveals



Controversial singer Temmie Ovwasa has come out to slam men who are in the act of dropping sexual comments in her DM.

The lesbian, Temmie Ovwasa popularly called YBNL princess stated that there are a lot of sexual perverted men and rapists out there because of the kinds of DMs she gets daily.

She took to social media to reveal most of the men who usually come to her DM to defame her sexuality as a lesbian.

According to the chats shared, most of those men claimed she needed to have s3x with a man instead of deceiving herself that she is a lesbian.

Replying to these comments, the singer stated that every man that she posts will surely have a slow and horrible lives, she will make sure of that. She also made it known that she will make sure she sucks the life out of the. See post below.