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Fire Service Officer slumps and dies on duty



Fire Service Officer slumps and dies on duty

A devastating incident unfolded at the Auto Parts Market in Coal-Camp, Enugu State, resulting in the tragic loss of a fire officer’s life as he valiantly battled a ferocious blaze.

The Director of Enugu State Fire Service, Okwudili Ohaa, conveyed in a statement to journalists that the harrowing event transpired on Wednesday, December 13, 2023, at the Enugu Motor Spare Parts Market, colloquially known as Tinker.

Ohaa recounted that the distressing sequence of events commenced around midnight when a fire erupted in a shop within the market premises, prompting a swift response from the fire service personnel. Arriving at the scene at approximately 1:15 am, the team employed three fire trucks to combat the escalating flames.

Tragically, amidst their valiant efforts to douse the fire, a fire officer collapsed and subsequently passed away after successfully quelling the blaze.

While the cause of the fire remained undisclosed by the fire service director, he lauded the dedication and bravery of the deceased officer and his team, emphasizing their relentless efforts in confronting the inferno that ravaged the market.

The destructive blaze inflicted substantial damage, estimated at millions of naira, on merchandise before the firefighters managed to bring it under control.

Describing the fallen officer, Ohaa expressed deep admiration, citing his commitment and passion for his duty, even while recuperating from an illness. “He was my best fire officer,” Ohaa stated, highlighting the officer’s steadfast determination to contribute despite health challenges.

Meanwhile, Mike Nome, President of the Enugu Motor Spare Parts Dealers Association, shared his account of the harrowing night. He revealed that security personnel stationed at the market had swiftly responded upon noticing the fire but were impeded by a locked shop secured with burglar-proofing.

As the security personnel grappled to gain access to the shop, the fire spread to an adjacent restaurant, triggering the explosion of a gas cylinder. This catastrophic event accelerated the fire’s propagation, engulfing multiple shops in its wake.

Nome recounted promptly alerting the state fire service around 1:00 am, commending their rapid response within 15 minutes, which contained the fire’s spread and averted further devastation.