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Enugu State government trains farmers to combat cassava brown streak disease



Cassava Brown Streak Disease: Enugu state trains farmers on prevention

In a bid to safeguard cassava production, the Enugu State Government conducted a training session on Wednesday for 51 farmers on how to identify and prevent Cassava Brown Streak Disease (CBSD).

This disease poses a significant threat to cassava root production and quality, potentially causing up to 100% failure in cassava tubers if left unaddressed.

The training, which drew participants from various sectors including farmers, Extension Agencies, and Subject Matter Specialists across the state’s 17 Local Government Areas, aimed to equip attendees with the necessary knowledge to recognize and mitigate the effects of CBSD.

Patrick Ubru, the State Commissioner for Agriculture and Agro-Industrialisation, emphasized the severity of CBSD, highlighting its potential to devastate cassava yields.

He urged participants to pay close attention during the training and disseminate the information to rural communities.

The Director of Agriculture, Mathew Ugwuona, outlined the symptoms of CBSD, including leaf yellowing and tuber rot, and provided strategies for prevention, such as purchasing cassava stems from certified seed producers and implementing good field sanitation practices.

Farmers, appreciating the initiative, pledged to share their newfound knowledge with fellow farmers in their communities, ensuring a collective effort to combat CBSD and safeguard cassava production in Enugu State.

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