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FG set to launch three new national identity cards



The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has announced plans by the Federal Government to introduce three new national identity cards in May, targeting an estimated 104 million citizens nationwide.

According to Ayodele Babalola, the Technical Adviser to the Director-General of NIMC, these cards include a bank-enabled National ID card, a social intervention card, and an optional ECOWAS National Biometric Identity Card.

Babalola disclosed that citizens can anticipate receiving the new cards within one or two months after the launch, pending approval from the Presidency.

The initiative aims to enhance identification processes and provide access to social and financial services for Nigerians.

The new cards are designed to cater to various segments of the population, with features tailored to meet specific needs.

They will offer increased options for domestic consumers while fostering the delivery of services in a more innovative, cost-effective, and competitive manner.

The initiative reflects collaborative efforts between NIMC, the Central Bank of Nigeria, and other stakeholders to drive financial inclusion and boost data sovereignty through digital national IDs.

Citizens are encouraged to stay informed about the application process, which will involve requests at banks and NIMC locations.

The goal is to ensure a seamless rollout and widespread adoption of the new identity cards across the country.

The technical assistant explained the step-by-step process, stating that citizens would need to make requests at the bank and NIMC sites to get the new cards.

“This is an online request self-service portal that allows NIN holders irrespective of their locations (local & international) to initiate a card request and select their preferred card type, bank, and pick-up location.

“A NIN holder will have to approach his desired bank branch and get verified through the NIMC verification service. After a successful verification, the bank staff fills applicant’s details as listed above on the portal.

The applicant then pays the required fees to complete the application process,” he said.

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