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FCT Police command: ‘Robbery video circulating online not in Abuja, not even in Nigeria’



FCT Police: viral robbery video not in Abuja, not in Nigeria

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command has addressed the viral video depicting a robbery purportedly in Abuja involving a “Right Hand Drive” vehicle. Contrary to claims, the command clarified that the incident did not occur within the FCT.

In a statement released by the command’s spokesperson, Josephine Adeh, on Wednesday night, it was emphasized that upon thorough analysis, it became evident that the robbery did not take place in Nigeria at all.

Adeh highlighted key indicators such as the vehicle’s registration number plate design and the steering position, which conforms to Right Hand Drive (RHD) configuration.

She underscored that Nigeria does not permit RHD vehicles on its roads, nor are the roads built to accommodate such vehicles as depicted in the video.

Commissioner of Police FCT, CP Benneth Igweh, psc, mni, urged individuals circulating the video to cease such actions, warning that it could incite unnecessary fear and panic among the public.

“It is important to note that Nigeria does not allow RHD vehicles on its roads, neither are the roads fashioned to accommodate such cars as seen in the video.

“The Commissioner of Police FCT, CP Benneth Igweh, psc, mni, urges those circulating the video to desist from such actions as it may cause apprehension and unwarranted panic among the populace”, the statement added.

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