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Multichoice subscribers protest sharp monthly fee increase for DSTV, GOtv



DStv/GOtv price hike: FCCPC remains neutral

The recent surge in monthly subscription fees for DSTV and GOtv packages by Multichoice, Nigeria’s dominant satellite television service provider, has triggered widespread discontent among subscribers.

Multichoice, enjoying a virtual monopoly in the Nigerian satellite TV market, justified the increase citing operational costs and service enhancement needs. However, the new rates, disclosed earlier this week, sparked outrage.

DSTV’s premium bouquet surged to N37,000 from N29,500, while other packages like Compact Plus, Compact, and Comfam experienced significant hikes. Similarly, GOtv subscribers witnessed increases in the Value and Plus packages.

The announcement led to a flurry of criticism on social media, with subscribers expressing frustration over what they perceived as insensitivity amid economic challenges.

Facebook user Ebuka Victor urged government intervention to curb the monopoly and rising costs, while Benjamin Chukwucheben questioned regulatory oversight on the continuous price hikes.

Pressure mounts on the Federal Government to intervene, with calls for investigations by bodies like the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and the Consumer Protection Council (CPC).

Some users suggested alternatives like smart TVs or streaming platforms, criticizing Multichoice for imposing burdensome fees amidst economic hardships.

Many subscribers voiced intentions to switch to streaming platforms for entertainment, considering the escalating costs of DSTV and GOtv subscriptions packages.

With DSTV and GOtv being primary sources of entertainment for numerous households, the subscription fee hike poses a significant financial strain on customers, eliciting concerns over affordability and accessibility.

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