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Don’t repeat Manchester United’s failure — Wenger warns Liverpool



Don't repeat Manchester United's failure -- Wenger warns Liverpool

Legendary Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger affectionately called ‘The Professor’ by the Gunners fanbase, may have his reservations about Jurgen Klopp leaving Liverpool at the end of season, however the Frenchman has sounded the Merseyside outfit a warning it should take into consideration concerning the aftermath of Klopp’s exit in June.

According to the former Arsenal boss, the 19-times Premier League champions would make one of its greatest fails by repeating what Manchester United did with Sir Alex Ferguson if they were to seek Klopp’s advise in naming a successor for the managerial position.

Following his retirement from Manchester United, the legendary Scottish manager, Sir Alex Ferguson famously recommended the appointment of David Moyes to the club, a move the Manchester side never fully recovered from in the aftermath of Ferguson’s exit.

Wenger, who oversaw Arsenal for more than two decades, expressed his belief that consulting Klopp for guidance on the matter would be ill-advised. Speaking on beIN Sports, he remarked,

“No, no. I don’t think so unless he becomes officially appointed by Liverpool as an advisor. You do your job and you let other people do their jobs. I think organizations work well when that is the case. Everybody does what they are responsible for. At least you know when it doesn’t work, who to speak to.”

Wenger’s remarks underscore the importance of maintaining clear roles and responsibilities within the club, suggesting that each individual should focus on their designated tasks for optimal organizational functioning.

Klopp’s impending departure presents Liverpool with the task of selecting a new manager, a decision that Wenger implies should be made independently.